Why Do Different Calls To Action Lead To Different Results?

Why Do Different Calls To Action Lead To Different Results?

When promoting a product online, it’s often recommended to add a call to action for your customers. But what is a call to action, and why does it matter to your business?

A call to action is simply an encouragement to your consumers/prospects to undertake an action that is important to the business, such as booking an appointment, shopping on your website or even scheduling a call.

When advertising online, a call-to-action can be put in place to instigate specific actions as a result of correlating content on your website. For example, adding a “Shop Now” button to your page encourages website visitors to shop your products/services. A corresponding call-to-action ad promotes the “Shop Now’ button to a wider audience.

There are many different ways in which you can use a call-to-action, so it is important to select the right one to suit your business goals.

The following are examples of call-to-actions and their corresponding business goals that you may achieve by using them (or have the aim of achieving them with this).


  • Business goal: You want people to schedule appointments or make reservations through your Page.
  • Call to action: Book Now


  • Business goal: You want people to contact you on Facebook Messenger or through another form of contact, such as email or phone.
  • Call to action: Call Now, Contact Us, Send Email, Send Message or Sign Up


  • Business goal: You want people to download your app or play your game.
  • Call to action: Play Game or Use App


  • Business goal: You want people to watch an informational video or read more about your business on your website (leading to potential conversions).
  • Call to action: Learn More or Watch Video


  • Business goal: You want people to shop on your website.
  • Call to action: See Offers or Shop Now

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