Website must-haves to increase online conversions

Website must-haves to increase online conversions

It can be hard for businesses with little or no web experience to know if they have everything they need on their website for it to truly be successful.

While it is important for websites to be regularly updated and improved, it is equally important to have elements on a website that online visitors expect, and that help to increase online sales and conversions.

Here are three elements businesses should consider incorporating on their websites to help attract more traffic, lead to more conversions, and provide an overall better experience for visitors.

Social media integrations
Businesses need to make it easy to share content from their website to their social media channels. This can help increase the business’s overall exposure, making it more likely that prospective customers will discover your services. Businesses should also make it easy for customers or followers to connect and follow them on social media. This can help people stay up to date and easily find out more about new services or products they might be interested in.

High-quality, fresh content
Businesses who regularly update their websites with new and engaging content have a greater chance of boosting their website’s SEO ranking and increasing their authority in their field and the industry. Publishing interesting and relevant articles also improves the chances of online users sharing the content (or even the business website) with others who may be interested in the business.

Online reviews and feedback
Feedback or reviews from customers who have experienced a business’s services already are often a deciding factor in whether a potential customer will engage the services of a business. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to demonstrate their quality and integrity online through true and honest reviews.


If you believe the matters discussed above are relevant to your business, please contact Darren Smith of our office to discuss further.

Darren is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience, including working in the big 4 and medium sized firms before becoming a partner of a city based firm in 2000.

He has gained much experience and has extensive knowledge in providing business and taxation advice, superannuation planning, negotiation of sales and acquisitions of businesses and property development. His client base covers a wide range of industry groups.

Darren works with business owners to grow their businesses and create personal wealth within and outside of their business.

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