How the ATO is teaching our kids about tax

How the ATO is teaching our kids about tax

Having a good knowledge of the Australian tax and super systems is important, this is why The School Education Program works with parents and teachers to help educate students. Tax, Super + You is an ATO initiative designed to help teach students about tax and superannuation. Since being updated in 2015, the Tax, Super + You website offers modules available to the public and extra quizzes and forums for students when you create an account.

Tax, Super + You
This resource is split into four modules that are targeted to different areas of the tax and super systems.

  • Tax 101 introduces the basics of paying tax and what it then gets spent on
  • Your Tax highlights what an individual needs to do such as filing a tax return
  • Business Tax shows what tax means in a business context and what types of tax businesses would have to pay
  • Super explains the different elements of super and why it is important

Tax, Super + You is available all year round, you can apply for a teaching kit on their website.

The Competition
Since 2017, Tax, Super + You runs a competition for high school students from years 7-12 in which they come up with new and creative ways to explain tax and super to young people. Students create a multimedia piece that engages youth and teaches them about tax. Split into Junior and Senior Secondary, cash prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as a People’s Choice Award. The competition will run again later this year


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