Generating traffic to your website

Generating traffic to your website

The ability to generate large amounts of traffic to your website is ideal for gaining new customers and strengthening relationships with existing customers. Consider the five strategies below:

Internal linking is effective for generating traffic to your website. It not only creates opportunities for higher SEO but also improves time-on-site by different visitors and this can improve conversion and click rates. Ultimately, this will help drive your website higher on search pages, increasing your chances of generating traffic.

Sharing content on social media platforms
To generate serious traffic to your website, you need to share content on social media platforms. There are over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, over 700 million monthly users on Instagram and over 467 million LinkedIn members. This is a considerable amount of traffic which creates a huge market of potential customers that your business is missing out on if you don’t share your content on social media.

Email marketing
Email marketing can drive traffic to your website, but it can also deter people from visiting, which is why it is essential to get it right. Bombarding subscribers can lead them to unsubscribe and tarnish the traffic flow to your website. Friendly reminders when you release new content, or including a prompt to visit your website when sending out emails are ideal for generating traffic.

Answer questions
Posting answers or responses on sites like Yahoo Answers, Reddit and Quora specific to your industry is a strategic method to generate and increase traffic to your website. Providing a solution to an individual’s question not only assists them but it also assists individuals with the same question in the future.

Produce exciting content
You can employ all of the above strategies to generate traffic to your website, but if you really want to make each visit to your website one that is meaningful, you need to produce quality content. If your content is poor or unoriginal, you are not likely to gain repeat visits.


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