Five ways you can promote your blog

Five ways you can promote your blog

The growing importance of regularly sharing fresh content and new information online has pushed many businesses into spending more time creating and publishing posts to their blogs in the hopes of improving their SEO ranking.

However, what many don’t realise is that there is more to online marketing than just writing blog posts. Hours spent creating an amazing piece of content will be for nothing if businesses don’t promote their blog to get it in front of the right people.

Taking the time to promote your content is crucial if you want to succeed with blogging, and now is the time businesses need to stop taking the approach of ‘pressing publish and hoping for the best’.

If your business is struggling to come up with ideas on how to promote your blog’s content, here are five techniques that you could use:

Share you blog post multiple time on social media
Sharing a link to your post once on social media and then forgetting about it will have little to no effect, especially on sites like Twitter. Due to how quickly content moves on Twitter, businesses are highly unlikely to reach or engage with their followers.

Since followers are online at different times throughout the day, businesses should aim to share content multiple times to extend their reach. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create multiple social media posts, and schedule them to send at different times and on different days throughout the week.

Message your LinkedIn network
Even though it is a highly professional social channel, LinkedIn is surprisingly one of the most underutilised social media channels for promoting content. One of the most powerful features of LinkedIn is your network. When businesses create a new blog post, they should send a message to the people in their network that they think would find the information interesting.

Businesses should keep in mind that this method is far better when they keep in touch with LinkedIn connections on a relatively regular basis. Contacting connections once a year to notify them of a new blog post can make a business look like a spammer.

Share your blog post in LinkedIn Groups
As well as reaching out to your LinkedIn network, another great way to promote your content are LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups work well because you’re guaranteed to get your content in front of people who are interested in your industry or topic.

But businesses should only share a blog post with groups when it is relevant, and avoid oversharing. Sharing too much information that offers little value to a group will result in being known as a spammer.

Include a link to your most popular posts
A much-overlooked tactic to promoting blog posts is by linking new content to existing content. If your business publishes an article that’s related to another popular article you’ve published in the past, don’t forget to include a link to the new article inside the older one. This can attract more traffic to the new post and the internal linking is also beneficial for SEO purposes.

Share your content with your email list
While this tactic might seem obvious, many businesses don’t send emails to their subscribers when they publish a new post because they incorrectly assume that their subscribers are already aware of their new content.

Depending on how often your business publishes new blog posts, don’t forget to send an email each time you have a new article or send a weekly newsletter that contains all the latest posts.


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